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At Multiflex Learning Services, we create individualized educational plans for preschoolers, school-age, and college students with learning differences.

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- rb 

Thank you for the invaluable gift you gave to my daughter (and me). She is a diligent, hard working, organized, independent student now. The tools she learned from you, Alana, has allowed her to blossom. She is an extremely special human being, who can now be confident and proud of herself. You are forever imprinted on my heart. 

- westchester parent

Alana uses a thoughtful and intuitive approach to helping others. She is so honest, generous with her time and truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She was able to find us the right tutor and get us through some really difficult times. Now, our daughter is thriving and we have her to thank! 

- armonk | parent

My daughter was frustrated and struggling to learn to read despite being very intelligent and working hard. Her school wasn’t doing enough to recognize or address her reading difficulty. Thanks to Alana, she is now reading at grade level and loving reading! Alana used a very engaging, fun and evidence-based methodology to teach her. My daughter looked forward to every tutoring session, and she progressed rapidly. We are so grateful to Alana for helping us during this critical time in her academic and emotional development.

- emma | student 

“Alana is an excellent choice for a tutor. She is hardworking, diligent, and willing to put the extra time in to make sure that all of her students succeed.”

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